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Zero Eight

video short (EP coming in June on TygrRawwkRcrds)

Zero Eight presents a landscape that slips in and out of time and space, inviting viewers to journey through a shifting abstract graphic narrative that offers tantalizing glimpses of a possible future.

Rontronik’s work artfully employs ambient music as a sonic backdrop, creating an immersive, ethereal experience that transports viewers to another realm, providing a symbiotic blend of the audio and the visual. The artfully woven threads evoke emotion, inspire contemplation and offer a horizon both alien and still distantly familiar. The experience affords the viewer the rare space to lose themselves…

Big thanks goes out to Rontronik’s collaborators: @miyazusato @bates_george @elisabates @skybluevoid @nkhstudio @alilfilm @cauralofficial @jameel.newkirk @katherinestreeter @harrymwilliams 


A shortlist of original releases including compilation appearances.

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A brief history of Rontronik

Rontronik (Ron Croudy), is a music producer, DJ/Controllerist, and co-founder of micro-label Töshöklabs. Based in New York City, the diverse music aficionado has been creating electronic music for over a decade. In 1999, he debuted his first two tracks on a compilation entitled “Töshöklabs Presents: Dated” under the monikers “technique:concrete” and “Cardboardmen”. In August of 2007, he released his first solo debut on Töshöklabs, the “Magma EP”.  Now, Rontronik, continues with exclusive production collaborations, remixes and a growing catalog of digital releases including an ongoing dj mix podcast series simply titled “Radio Rontronik”. and a weekly dj set title “Futurecurrent” on DeepspaceRadio

Rontronik also serves co-founder of boutique creative studio, Smartbomb, where he spends his days providing creative direction for a diverse clientele. Most notably he has worked with artists and entertainers such as Ghostface Killah, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, Anti-Pop Consortium, Company Flow, and Usher. 

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